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With profit service traders can trade as professional traders.
Copy trading signals from futures and forex traders
directly to your NinjaTrader7 chart is simple:

1. Choose from a performance page the trader
whose signals you want to copy.
2. Sign up for his trading signals.
3. Install software for copying the
trading signals on your computer.

You will start receive trading signals made by
professional trader directly to your computer
NinjaTrader7 chart.
instalation guide for program TradeMonitor for copy trading signals here

Profit4Traders service allows professional traders:
a. Analyse his his own trading statistic
b. Organize the service of selling their own trading
signals for any traders on his NinjaTrader 7 chart
1. Register as a Signal Provider.

2. Set up your profile and show the price you want
to receive for subscription of your trading signals
to trades copiers.

3. Install software for copying the signal.

4. Start trading forex and futures.
When trading copiers will interesting your trade
performance and pay for you subscription you
will be notified by e-mail about getting payment.

instalation guide for program TradeMonitor for copy trading signals here
When you get trading signals from professional traders you will:
- Improve trading skills.
- Get advices and comments from professionals traders by chat. Even more...
Monthly chanpionsips for futures traders are comming
Profit4 Traders - give traders communicate by TRADERS CHAT.
Chat between traders help to analyze the situation on the market,
ask questions and learn the art of trading at proffessional traders.
Traders performance sheets will help Investor traders choice best trades signals provider.
Traders P/L chart and other statistical will show up for all investor traders.
It may easy export to EXCEL and create additional statistic.
Possible see all trades on
Profit ticks and Profit charts will help to analize your trading
Additional trading statistics page will show performance, charts,
trading statistics and will help analyze your trading.
Trading signals now is possible export to EXCEL.
It is so easy: File/Save to EXCEL. And all trades are saved to EXCEL.
By using huge power research tools of EXCEL:
charts, formulas ...helps traders improve your trading skills and make more profitable trades.
Profit4traders provide a lot of services for day traders for NinjaTrader 7.
Possibility copy trades from professional traders into your NinjaTrader 7 chart
located in any place in a world.
More great features are coming: cross platforms (NinjaTrader7, tradestation, metatrader4, metatrader5, e-signal)
- trade signals and market orders copy trades service
- monthly championship between traders with different trading platforms with cash prizes
- No time expiration binary options

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