NinjaTrader ® is our #1 recommended trading software and brokerage preferred by traders worldwide including our clients.

Comprehensive Market Analytics Tools to Target Trading Opportunities


  • Powerful market visualization
  • Multi-time frame and multi-instrument analysis
  • Over 100 pre-built customizable indicators plus 100s of optional 3rd party indictors

Additional Analysis Tools

  • Trade performance reporting
  • Market Analyzer
  • Strategy analyzer

Multiple Order Entry Options for Discretionary Traders

The innovative NinjaTrader SuperDOM and Chart Trader set the industry benchmark for order entry screens. Both can be used with NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module for lightning fast order execution.

Chart Trader

  • Easy to see trade visualization on the chart
  • Single click order entry, modication and cancellation from the chart
  • Easy to see trade visualization
  • Single click order entry, modication and cancellation

Automate Your Strategy to Capitalize on Opportunities

Build an automated strategy using point and click construction for non-programmers, advanced C# development using NinjaScript ®, or leverage strategies built in external applications such as TradeStation.

Automated Trading Capabilities

  • Develop or purchase automated trading strategies
  • Analyze & execute automated trading strategies
  • Process trading signals from external applications
  • Сreate or purchase 3rd party custom charting indicators

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